#RememberKhojaly – Hamburg

2. Mar. 2015


In order to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the tragedy in Khojaly, on February 28, 2015, students of the Azerbaijan Student Network came up with something very special. Under the motto #RememberKhojaly they organized a pantomime performance and flash-mob at the crossroads of Spitalerstraße / Lilienstraße in Hamburg. The ASN students with the support of the professional actors showed an impressive pantomime-choreographic depiction of that mournful night in Khojaly. The well-known mime Andreas Ebbert-Scholl symbolized the spirit of peaceful life of the Khojaly inhabitants, which had been destroyed together with the city population.
The performance accompanied by traditional music drew attention of hundreds of passersby and aroused compassion on the victims of Khojaly. After the pantomime, the students talked to the public about the tragedy in Khojaly, distributing #RememberKhojaly candles and brochures.

In the night of the 25th to 26th February in 1992 armed Armenian forces attacked the city of Khojaly in Azerbaijan which resulted in one of the most dramatic acts of genocide in the world history: 613 people were killed, among them children and women. That was the most awful climax of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

With the pantomime performance contributed ASN to the commemoration of the Khojaly victims and draw the public attention to the injustice regarding the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Our best thanks to everybody who made this project possible! Thank you for your live engagement in realizing the unforgettable event. We are grateful to all our members and friends from all over Germany, including those who came from Bremen, Flensburg, Göttingen and also Berlin to participate in the performance.