Prague hosts ASN’s video mapping project “Winds of Sorrow” dedicated to Khojaly and Lidice tragedies

27. Feb. 2015

On February 26th, an event dedicated to Khojaly massacre took place on Old Town Square, the historical part of Prague, Czech Republic. The event was organized by Azerbaijan Student Network with the support of based in Turkey “Index” organization in order to inform people of tragic events in Khojaly. Video Mapping projection “Winds of Sorrow” repeatedly for several hours presented Khojaly events to the big flow of residents and tourists … more

Interview mit dem Spieler der Aserbaidschanischen Nationalmannschaft, Pardis Fardjad-Azad

17. Feb. 2015

Interviewer – Rzayeva Gunay Seit einiger Zeit organisiert das Azerbaijan Student Network (ASN) Treffen zwischen Studenten und berühmten Personen aus Deutschland und Aserbaidschan. Diese Treffen finden in einer gemütlichen Atmosphäre in unserem ASN-Büro statt. Dabei wird bei einer Tasse Tee über spannende Themen und Fragen diskutiert. Alle Interessenten sind immer herzlich willkommen. Insofern wir alle Studenten sind, können einige unsere ASN-Freunde aus zeitlichen Gründen nicht immer an solchen Treffen teilnehmen. … more

Azerbaijani’s in ISB

16. Feb. 2015

February the 6th, ASN-member Günay Rzaeva organized an culturual and polical event. After a prolog by Manuela Ebel, chairmen of the ISB , Günay gave the almost 70 Guests an introduction about the political and economic cooperation between Azerbaidschan and Europe, especially Germany. But not only the ASN, also the “Europa-Kauskasus Institut”, the “Kaspiches Forchungsinstitut” and the “Internationales Bildungszentrum” supported the guys to help make this event happen. After two … more

Street Art Flash Mob in Rome

23. Jan. 2015

ASN-Italy organized a flash mob, in Via del Corso one of the central streets of Rome. 25 years ago, on January 20,1990 Soviet troops stormed Baku, the capital of then Azerbaijan Soviet Republic with the intent to save Soviet regime in the country and to suppress independence movement. The unarmed pro-independence Azerbaijanians on the streets of Baku were targeted by Soviet artillery which left more than 200 dead, at least … more

Black January – Memorial Concert by ASN

22. Jan. 2015

ASN Germany‬ has organized a memorial concert in the “‪Evangelisch-Freikirchlichen Gemeinde Berlin-Weißensee” on January 20, 2015. On 19 and 20 January, 25 years ago Soviet troops took violent action against the Azerbaijan independence movement on the streets of Baku. This Azerbaijan independence movement against the occupation of the Soviets began already in 1989. To stop the movement Michail Gorbatschow arranged the brutal crackdown. The result of this terrible day were … more

ASN organizes exhibition in Prague Road to independence: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania

19. Jan. 2015

[PRG] – On Monday, in the Lucerna Palace on Wenceslas Square in Prague, The Azerbaijani Student Organization, Azerbaijan Student Network and The Union of Georgian Students in Czech Republic with the participation of the Lithuanian Embassy in Czech Republic organized vernissage, the photo exhibition “The Road to Independence: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania.” During the exhibition, which goes from 19th January to 2 February, organizers showed to Czech citizens and visitors of … more