International Day at University Viadrina

7. Nov. 2013

On November 6th 2013, the Azerbaijan Student Network (ASN e.V.) represented Azerbaijan on the International Day, organized at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany. Hundreds of students from all over the world came together to share their cultures, traditions, as well as to present their national cuisine. No limit was set to the creativity of 260 students from more than 30 countries. The international delicacies, music, dancing and verbal information were a part of this special event.

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The International Day was an exceptional opportunity to unite in diversity and to present international students our country Azerbaijan that participated at this very event for the first time in the history of the European University Viadrina. The students of diverse backgrounds had the chance to get the first- hand information about our rich culture, history, ancient musical instruments and delights and of course our Student Network, which is comprised of students and academics from all over the Europe. While visiting our country booth, we invited them to taste our traditional sweet pastries such as shekerbura and pakhlava. Our national costumes were paid a special attention by the event participants and some were very excited to wear the costumes themselves.

Due to the high interest in our country, as well as our Network, many students decided to join Azerbaijani Student Network to get the opportunity to participate in our future events and to receive our regular newsletters and upgrades. Using this chance we would like to welcome our new members and to thank them for their active participation and close attention.

We would also like to thank the “Koordinationszentrum für Aserbaidschaner in Deutschland” and “Aserbaidschanisches Haus” for their support.

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