ASN Khojaly events in Berlin, Munich, Hanover and Stuttgart

6. Mar. 2014

Azerbaijan Student Network (ASN) organized various events on commemoration of the 22 nd anniversary of Khojaly Massacre in Berlin, Germany.


On February 22nd , ASN , in collabration with the local Turkish Students Network, organized an event about Khojaly Massacre in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart.  In the event, ASN’s executive director, Ibrahim Ahmadov; azerbaijani student’s representative, Jafar Suleymanov;  the head of the Ludwigsburg Turkish Students Organization (LTSO), Hakan Cakil and one of the representatives of the LTSO, Enes Demirci , spoke and shared their opinions with guests about the tragedy. Then the guests watched a movie, about Khojaly Massacre, which was based on famous azerbaijani reporter Chingiz Mustafayev’s records and scenes from the “Hoca” movie. Heads of the some students organizations, from Baden-Württemberg state, also actively participated in the event. Guests had great interests about the exbition on Azerbaijan’s culture, history and music. Further discussions were held between the guests and organizers which was later followed by coffee-break.    


On February 22nd, ASN, in collaboration with “Berlin Alperen Ocaklari”, oranized an event about Khojaly Massacre in Berlin. The event started with one minute of silence and reading of Al-Fatiha, by Huseyn Karakoyun, for Khojaly martyrs.  Then a short documentary was screened about the appaling  26.02.1992night and mass killing in Khojaly. After the film, ASN Secretary General, Elshan Atayaroghlu Ismayilov, and historian, Ali Shen, spoke and shared their minds with guests about Khojaly Massacre. Mr. Ismayilov also spoke about his pitiable childhood memories on Khojaly and further influence of the tragedy on Azerbaijani society. Guests and members of various organizations actively participated in the event and asked different questions about Khojaly Massacre. At the end of the event,  one of the members of “Alperen Ocaklari”, Mehmet Kizilkaya, said a poem, named “Katl eden ermeni, akan Türk kanı” (Murderer armenian, martyr Turks), about armenian aggression.    


On February 23rd, ASN organized a visit to the monument for Khojaly martyrs in the yard of the Gottfried-Benn Library in Berlin. In order to ease students visit to the library, ASN arranged direct transport connections to the library. Visitors commemorated martyrs with a minute of silence and put carnations on the monument. Then, sociology and political science professor at the Humboldt and Free Universities, and author of some german-azerbaijani dictionaries, Prof.Ehmed Umid Yazdani, spoke and quoted on some interesting facts from his book , called “Divided Azerbaijan”, which is dedicated to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The event was followed by screening of the documentary, about Khojaly Massacre, in ASN’s Berlin office. After the film,  second secretary of the Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Germany, Nurchin Aliyev, spoke and shared his opinions about the terrible incidents in Khojaly and gave his advice about future to the youth.    


Aforementioned monument was built by azerbaijani architects, Akif Asgarov, Ali Ibadullayev and Salhab Mammadov, for Khojaly martyrs on March 30, 2011 and symbolising belief of peaceful living of the nations in future.


In both events, ASN members set up stands and distributed booklets, cards, journals and books about Khojaly Massacre. At the end of the events, funeral repast were given for the reminiscence of the Khojaly martyrs.   


On February 26nd , one of the ASN’s events about Khojaly Massacre took place in Munich. ASN, in collaboration with azerbaijani students who study in Munich, set up a stand, which was consisted of books, booklets and journals,  about Khojaly Massacre, history and culture of Azerbaijan, in the city center, Marienplatz. Azerbaijani students, specially Ibrahim Isgandarli, Nasir Suleymanov and Orkhan Ismayilzada, actively participated in the organizing of the event. Some students had speeches with megaphones, about the tragedy, which attracted local people’s attentions in the streets. Durind the event, there were held some discussions with some foreigners and their questions about the tragedy were responded by ASN members. At the end of the event, azerbaijani students supported and offered their condolences to ukranians, who were demostrating in Munich.


On Febrauary 26nd , 22nd commemoration of the Khojaly Massacre was also held, by ASN, in Hannover and followed by signing of petition. Local people were informed about the appaling February 26 night in Khojaly and distributed them booklets, journals and books about Azerbaijan. Main reason was to apprise local people about the Khojaly Massacre and Azerbaijan’s truth: this kind of human tragedy and it’s innocent victims shouldn’t be forgotten  and organizers of this tragedy must be brought to justice and punished fairly! Not only germans, but also turkish people, since they saw azerbaijani flags and pictures, had great interest for the event and they asked many questions about Khojaly Massacre. During 4 hours event, different groups of society – doctors, students, architects, olds, youth and etc.- were interested in the event and signed the petition. As an organizer and also ASN’s member,   Ibrahim Kesikbiyik, actively participated in the event till the end.

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