“The Azerbaijani Night” Event

31. Jan. 2013

The 27th of January the event called “The Azerbaijani Night” was held in Clausthal-Zellerfeld city. This event was organized within the framework of ASN’s winter activities concept. The organizers were ANS members, studying in Clausthal Technical University.

During the presentation of Aliheydar Zeynalov, master student in Clausthal Technical University, a broad information about Azerbaijan and its history, culture and economics was given to more than hundred local and international students as well as teachers and professors of the university. Also, Zaur Heydarov, an office manager of ASN, had a speech on ASN activities and aims.

After that Vahid Azeri performed some folk songs and pieces of Azerbaijani mugam on tar, national Azerbaijani musical instrument. Zaur Jumshudov, a master student of Braunschweig Technical University, performed some modern Azerbaijani rock songs on a guitar. The event was finished by the piano performance of Khaver Akbarli, who played some classical European music.

At the end of the event, prizes were awarded to students for their active participation. In addition, some books, containing information on Azerbaijan, have been presented to the library of Clausthal Technical University.