Meeting with Graduates

13. Nov. 2015

12205076_928398287206508_103253662_nThe Graduation Day holds a state of pride and success and completion of a significant milestone. Therefore, ASN Italy wanted to share this honorable pride with graduates. On October 31st, ASN Italy received new graduates and fresh students living in Italy at newly-opened ASN Representative Office in Rome. The aim was to get the students connected with each other and generate the flow of experience and knowledge of Grads who successfully finished their studies to those that recently moved to Italy.

Graduates spoke about their academic pathway and share their valuable experience to new students and accepted questions. Besides that,  ASN Italy office’s staff were informed about current problems, difficulties that new students have and prompt actions were taken by in order to be done. Dinner and taking group photos followed traditional ASN Graduation Day mini-party. 12204864_928398950539775_1669423362_n 12016464_928398383873165_1925625617_n

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