German-Azerbaijani evening with members of the German Parliament

4. Dec. 2015

On 1st of December 2015 Berlin hosted an evening of German-Azerbaijani friendship, organized by the Azerbaijan Student Network with the support of Deutsche Gesellschaft and the Azerbaijani embassy in Germany. Members of the Bundestag, employees, diplomats, policy experts and academics, discussed various aspects of bilateral relations: from history and culture to the economy and foreign policy. The topic of this event were the centuries-old and highly varied traditions of the … more

Talk&Cay – Dr. Rufat Sattarov about Islam

24. Nov. 2015

Islam in Azerbaijan is a topic that is not mentioned very often. The reason for this can be the fact that in Germany there are not many experts specialising in this field. Taking this into consideration, it becomes even more important to exchange views and information about Islam in and around Azerbaijan with Dr. Rufat Sattarov. He is an independent scholar of Islamic studies and Turkology, currently living in Berlin. … more

ASN and Vatican create video against terrorism and violence against children

18. Nov. 2015

Dear friends, The Azerbaijan Student Network staff and members are deeply saddened by the news of recent France and Lebanon terrorist attacks. Our hearts are with families of all victims of this inhumane violence. Terrorism is a common threat for many EU and non-EU nations of different faiths and in this hour we need to stay united and cooperate in order to overcome this danger. Being students and youth from … more

Baku startup scene: connecting Baku with other tech hubs

15. Nov. 2015

On November 14th Azerbaijani Student Network (ASN) with the support of “Azerbaijani House” have organized the speech of Nail Valiyev on topic of “Baku Startup Scene: Connecting Baku with other tech hubs Nail has MBA and Master in Management degrees in London where he started working for one of the largest incubator. Founded a number of London-based startups. CEO at Khazar Ventures – the first seed fund in Baku where … more

Meeting with Graduates

13. Nov. 2015

The Graduation Day holds a state of pride and success and completion of a significant milestone. Therefore, ASN Italy wanted to share this honorable pride with graduates. On October 31st, ASN Italy received new graduates and fresh students living in Italy at newly-opened ASN Representative Office in Rome. The aim was to get the students connected with each other and generate the flow of experience and knowledge of Grads who … more

Talk&Cay with Michael R. Hess – Unforgettable Nesimi Evening in the Heart of Berlin

6. Nov. 2015

So it came to the next meeting in the Azerbaijani House in the framework of the Talk&Cay Program. This time our guest Michael Reinhard Hess. He is a turkologist and researcher of the Azerbaijani poet   Imameddin Nesimi. According to Hess, Nesimi has been honoured by the Azerbaijani as one of the most significant poet. Thus, it was not surprizing that Nesimi was the main topic of the evening. Nesimi represented … more