Create Yourself: Atabek Ismayilov, young talented Azerbaijani tar player

8. Mar. 2015

Azerbaijan Student Network presetns Create Yourself video about young and talented tar player Atabek Ismayilov. He is just 15 years old and already became a prized tar player in Azerbaijan.

In 1993 Atabek’s family had to escape from Fizuli region of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenian military. Since then they live in Baku city as refugees and that’s where Atabek was born.

Being a full-time student of Bul Bul music school in Baku, Atabek also travels the world and participates in international music festivals where he presents the ancient Azerbaijani art of tar playing.

The Tar is a long-necked plucked lute, traditionally crafted and performed in communities throughout Azerbaijan. In 2012 art of Azerbaijani craftsmanship and performance art of the tar was added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.