UNO – Trip to Bonn, Germany

24. Aug. 2013

The framework of the new project „ASN- Days in Europe“ we have organised on August 23 our first event called “UNO – Trip to Bonn”. The event began with a short guidance through the building of the United Nations Organisation and continued with a filmlet about the function and main issues of the UNO. The participants got with the aid of a presentation detailed information regarding the history, the erection and the future trend of the UNO. Following the participants had lunch with the employees of the UNO in the cafeteria. Afterwards, after finishing the guidance in UNO, the participants had an excursion to the small city Königswinter and visited the Drachenfels- Castle there. We wish to express our profound thanks to Mr. Famil MT for his kind support in the organising of the trip to the UNO.

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