One fascinating Day in Berlin

17. Dec. 2012

As you know, another event called “One fascinating Day in Berlin” took place in Berlin on 16th December. The event was organized within Fall Events program of ASN by  project coordinators Gunel Qurban and Rovshan Mammadov.

Dr. Rizvan Nabiyev, first counselor of the Azerbaijani Embassy in Germany, had a speech on the topic “Azerbaijan is a bridge between Eash and West”. In his speech he touched issues of Azerbaijan in international arena after its independence and also its current role as a medium between East and West due its geo-policital location and economic and political relations within international context.

The next speech was made by Ibrahim Akhmadov, the executive director of ASN,  who briefly covered the activities of ASN during first year of its existence and explained the priorities and vision of this organization to multicultural audience.

The second part of the event was more informal, giving a space for participants to make new friends and enlarge their networks.  The participants were taken to the ferry ride in Spree river and afterwards had a chance to taste the Oriental cuisine in one of the restaurants.

Overall, the event was met with great enthusiasm, especially by foreigners. Most of participants expressed a will to become a part of ASN family and to participate in its future events.