International Day of Culture, Hanover

25. Jun. 2013

 The international Day of Culture at the Leibniz University of Hanover will live on in good memory. The students presented their own culture by traditional food, dances, cloths and music. More or less 10,000 visitors took part in the event. The Azerbaijan stand had a lot of attentions from the visitors.

Many visitors, who were interested in our country, took a lot of books as well as brochures. The Azerbaijan food was very popular. The visitors asked immediately after the first bite of the food and dessert for the receipt. Many visitors liked to have photos with the traditional dressed dancers of Azerbaijan.

During the event each country had the possibility to present own dances and music. It was played the traditional instrument “Tar”, which go down well with visitors. The event of the international Day of Culture ends at 7 pm.

Herewith we thanks to the numerous visitors at our stand and to the supporting students.

20130626_143020 20130626_161642 Aserbaycan Presentation Uni Leibniz 071

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