FK Karabach Agdam vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

30. Aug. 2013

P1050574Oriental Drums in the Commerzbankarena

On Thursday 29.08.2013. the Bundesligaclub „Eintracht Frankfurt hosted our vice champion FC Qarabag Agdam to the Playoff of the Eurocup. After a marvellious match and thrilling chances for our team Frankfurt won with just 2:1.

47000 fans came to Frankfurt’s Commerzbankarena to watch the match and enjoy the Eurocup futboll. To the suprise of Frankfurt’s fans, oriental drums and Azerbaijani fansongs could be heard all over the stadium. 3000 of our fans came from all over Germany in order to support our team. Having organized buses from Cologne, Bonn, Bielefeld and Hannover the „Azerbaijan Student Network e.V.“ managed to bring together our fancommunity in Frankfurt.

P1050617Though Frankfurt dominated the first half of the match and scored a goal after 10 minutes, the German club lost its offensive spirit and Qarabag gained more confidence. Thus Reynaldo scored a beautiful goal in the second halftime just after Vügar Nadirov missed his chance. Correspondingly, Eintracht Frankfurt lost its dominance and both teams concentrated their efforts mostly in the middlefield area.

Our fans celebrated the great performance of our team by waving the flag of Azerbajan and FC Qarabag and by cheering: „Qarabag bizimdir ve bizim olacaq!“ The brave performance of the Qarabag players and the vivid support of our fans totally suprised and apparently irritated Frankfurt and this enabled Qarabag to built up some serious pressure on Frankfurts defensive and even to push for the lead. Once again it was Reynaldo who took the lead in Qarabag’s offensive and almost scored for the second time. Unfortunately, Qarabag’s offensive was countered by a long pass and Frankfurt scored just 60 seconds after Reynaldos chance.

Despite the defeat, the atmosphere among our fans was relaxed and cheerful, as our team presented itself in a respectable manner towards the Bundesligaclub. After the match our fans celebrated the great performance of Qarabag infront of the stadium. Many Frankfurt fans were impressed by the cheerfulness of our fans and even gratulated to the Qarabag’s goal. During the entire time the atmosphere between our fans and the fans of the German club was friendly and peaceful.

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