ASN Khojaly Event, Prague 26.02.2014

1. Mar. 2014


It is with the great surprise that we have noted information disseminated by
Armenian journalists and attributed to some unknown Armenian diaspora members
regarding the presumed disruption of Azerbaijani remembrance gathering on
Wednesday 26th of February on Republic square in Prague.

Just as year after year, on the anniversary of Khojaly massacre perpetrated on
innocent Azerbaijani citizens by invading Armenian forces, this year too
Azerbaijani students with the support of the embassy of Azerbaijan in Prague,
have stood a day long vigil while informing passersby, both Czech and foreign
about realities of Azerbaijan’s development, most important stages of its
history, Nagorno Karabakh war and its darkest page , the massacre of Khojaly.
Having tried, brutal physical force and threats of physical elimination last
year, in 2014 Armenians resorted to yet another of their favorite tactics,
outright lies. We don’t want to repeat paranoid phantasies of whoever penned the
articles presenting the Armenian version of events of that day (which, in fact
was the second day in a row of weeklong series of events dedicated to the
Khojaly massacre), we would like to tell the truth fair and square.

Azerbaijani students, embassy staff and representatives of Azerbaijani diaspora
in Czech Republic had been on the Republic square (nam. Republiky) from 13:00
till 19:00). Through all that time printed materials about Azerbaijan and
Khojaly have been disseminated among all who have showed interest. Indeed, they
were also offered some food, however, we have done it for three years already
and it is in no way an attempt to disguise the real message of the event but in
fact it highlights it since offering halva and tea is a traditional Azerbaijani
remembrance ritual. Not only there were no conflicts between Azerbaijani and
Armenian representatives, in fact we haven’t spotted single Armenian there. If
there were some Armenians on the spot, we have passed them unnoticed.

As for the presumed deconstruction of our tent or parts of our exhibition
presumable captured on the photos presented by the Armenian media we would like
to say that they were taken after the event was over at about 7:30.

The exhibition stayed intact for the whole duration of the event, including
official part with speeches being delivered by the ASN country director Eldar
Valiyev and the ambassador of Azerbaijan T.Taghizade who both stressed
importance of such events in terms of both calling the perpetrators to justice
and preventing such tragedies in the future. Moreover, during the whole day, we
broadcasted CNN and France 24TV’s news spots as well as Azerbaijani
documentaries about Khojaly that were heard and seen by the whole square.

The whole event was also filmed and photographed throughout the day by the
Azerbaijan Student Network and we gladly will provide materials to prove our