95th Anniversary of the Republic Day

28. May. 2013


On May 26 the Azerbaijan Student Network (ASN) organized an event in Mannheim, Germany on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. The initiator and organizer of the event Dr. Naib Alakbarov welcomed the guests with an opening speech and introduced the event program to them.

Later on, the member of the executive board of the ASN Dr. Azer Babayev informed the event participants about the 28 May the Republic Day and the first Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. In this context he spoke of the great significance of the Republic Day for the political, economic and cultural development of the country. He also emphasized that through this very day of 28th May, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic had become the first ever secular- democratic state in the entire Middle East and the Muslim World.

Alongside with the academics, public figures and students also members of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), local businessmen and organization leaders joined the event. The deputy chairman of the Mannheim region and the member of the German Democratic Party Mrs. Marianne Bade held a speech and congratulated the Azerbaijani nation on the occasion of this special day. At the same time she admitted that she was not aware of the achievements and progressive reforms carried out by the ADR, such as providing the right to vote for women, the application of the multi- party system, the adoption of the democratic governance. She emphasized importance of the informative character of the event for the German community and thanked the organizers for such an initiative.

Among the guests of the event there were also two members of the SPD with Turkish background e.g.  the member of the Mannheim regional council and well-known businessman Ali Müller and the member of the advisory board of Neckarau Mannheim, Mehmet Ali Sen, and also the chairman of the board company group BAKTAT; and IHK  (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry) member of the executive board of the Rhein- Neckar region participated in this event. Representatives of the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (Ditib), Alevite Association of Mannheim and Turkish Cultural Association Turkocagi were among guests.

The event was followed with the musical cultural program performed by Sona Jafarova (piano) and  Sebastian Netta (percussion instrument) in the Jazz- Mugham style of the  “Duo Sonetta” group.

Furthermore, the Azerbaijani students performed the Azerbaijani national dance and the folk music.